zondag 22 augustus 2010

There's always gonna be another mountain

Thank god there is Weheartit.com
My gosh, Miley Cyrus simply rocks every single outfit. Looks like she never makes a mistake as regards to fashion. Sigh, I wish I looked as good as she do. What do you think of her style?
Song of the moment: The Climb - Miley Cyrus

7 opmerkingen:

  1. sometimes i think she's annoying. but these pictures make me adore her.

    i love her bags and her shades

    following your blog now.


  2. Mmm.. save as Silviaiantar zei. :)
    That was difficult to type her name. All because I was too lazy to copy it with the mouse.

  3. @silviasiantar; I totally agree with you, sometimes she can be very annoying.
    But by doing a little research I found out her style is really amazing.
    Thanks for following by the way!
    xxx Anne

  4. She really has a fantastic style. love it!

  5. people may say whatever they like about Miley, but I adore her!


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