maandag 30 augustus 2010

NY City Girl Olivia

Olivia Palermo. Looking fabulous each and every single day. Living in the FashionParadise Brooklyn/NY. Having my most wanted job(s). Dating the perfect guy ánd having the ideal shape.
In short, although her life seems too perfect to be real, it wouldn't be a punishment for me to live like she lives...
With love,

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  1. i'm sorry but i don't like her, she's too posh. And it seems like she's just going down the streets waiting for paparazzis to take her photos and be in all the magazines! haha


  2. Hihi I see your point, that's my opinion too but I think her style is beautiful, although she might be a little fake.

  3. I like her style but her caracter is really aweful! And for someone who gets so many nice changes I find her very lazy :/
    No one's perfect ;)

  4. I absolutely LOVE her style!!!

    your blog is lovely! following!
    xx A

  5. she's such a biatch, but she has style.
    nice blog, anne!


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