maandag 20 september 2010

Back to black


As you guys may have noticed; I changed the colours of my blog a little. I'm a bit obsessed with black lately, so therefor I've chosen a black look in stead of white. Do you like it?
from -Anne-

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, to be a young model in Paris. Ha. :)
    I like the new color-scheme. It really makes your photos (both from posts and on the sidebar) stand out.

    PS: Have I told you how gorgeous you are?

  2. great blog!! :)
    i really love the last photo with the cross necklace.

  3. Whether it's your blog, Amy Whinehouse or ACDC? Back to Black is welcome by me

  4. Bambi in black is hot! And yes, who says you need white for a background?


  5. Hihi nobody says you need white for the background, but my background used to be white.
    I like keeping the lay out of my blog simple and in one colour tone.
    Thanks for commenting guys!
    xxx Anne

  6. these pictures are so inspirational ! beautiful total black look :)


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